Autonomous trucks

Autonomous trucks

Self-driving technology will change cargo transportation: higher safety and faster delivery will be performed together with decreasing most of the risks and costs.

Latest technology in logistics

  • Autonomous driving will enhance traffic safety. The self-driving truck does not get distracted, complies with traffic regulations, and quickly makes effective decisions in difficult situations.
  • Truck can be on the move for almost 24 hours. It makes stops only for refueling and handling, significantly reducing delivery time.
  • Operating costs and depreciation make the biggest expenses in cargo logistics. Autonomous technology facilitates major processes and minimizes the impact of human factor.
  • The autonomous fleet is easy to operate. The automation management system can solve any problem, quickly change routes, and regulate cargo flows.

Better business solution

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    The autonomous truck covers up to 1000 kilometers per day and always keeps high driving quality. The on-board computer does not get tired or distracted and does not need any rest.
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    24/7 non-stop traffic shortens delivery time and increases profits for both cargo transportation companies and manufacturers.
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    Autonomous trucks provide safe and sound delivery of any goods. Technology reduces risks and controls the movement, making it steady and gentle on the cargo.

Autonomous means safe

We trained and tested our technology in several stages in the simulator and at the testing grounds. Trials design various traffic situations, including the rarest, and technology learns to adapt to any changes, react, and maneuver. After the installation of the autonomous driving system on the truck, it undergoes additional testing and certification for complete safety.

Regulatory information

Authorities are currently developing safety requirements and traffic rules for autonomous vehicles, including rules for commercial cargo transportation. Logistic corridors between cities are operating in an experimental mode. For example, within the framework of the Experimental Legal Regime* autonomous trucks are authorized to move on the M-11 highway, connecting Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, since 2023. *established in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 29, 2022 No. 2495.